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 Forza Italia GB

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PostSubject: Forza Italia GB   Thu Aug 29, 2013 3:40 pm

Hey Chaps
In three days time, the most awesome superduper event of the year is taking place... ModelMakers 1st GB!!!!

Now, clearly, you lot havent been logging in and checking out some of the superb stuff thats been posted on here, awe inspiring models that will make you want to rush out, buy something WWII and italianish and join us on our GB.What a Face 

No?, well more inspiration then; you could go down in history as being on the very first GB. In years to come (cue the dambusters music) young ones will look back and say, I knew Jugs, and mad steve and (insert your name here), they inspired me....

Ok how about if I beg? Shocked 

Oh bollocks...
Lets make it a threesome, (Geoff did mention that the other day, and Im REALLY hoping he was talking about the GB).
Im sure just one of our esteemed members can tear themselves away from their lives to join us.
Go on, you know you want too


Ba na na, na na na na....

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Forza Italia GB
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