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 Annual MOM Group Build - new initiative

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Annual MOM Group Build - new initiative Empty
PostSubject: Annual MOM Group Build - new initiative   Annual MOM Group Build - new initiative Icon_minitimeThu Nov 14, 2013 10:59 am

I have decided to hold off on any further group builds here on the site until such time as we have enough interested numbers to make it worth while. Having said that I do want to start some sort of a tradition by having a yearly Group build which will start each year in January and finish on the last day of November. I am going to call it ModelMaker's Other Model build or ''MOM''.

How it will work is this - ideally choose a very challenging kit or a kit in which you want to pack a lot of detail or it's just a very difficult and scary kit to build. The idea is that you will work on this kit through-out the year, in between your other builds. It could even be a subject from another build on another website. The point of it is:
a) I want to establish a tradition on this site that at least one really good build will get done each year
b) I want to create a competitive spirit by having this as a competition build with a very reasonable prize at the end of it. Prize will only be for the winner and will either be sponsored by the website or by an outside entity, so I intend that the prize is really, really worthwhile and that members consider it worth the effort.
c)  I have yet to figure out how, who and what with regards to judging but certainly the sponsor/s will have input.

Subject matter, scale and content is entirely open so the idea is to enter any kit as long as the basic kit is a mainstream, readily available plastic kit. Add or scratchbuild as much or as little as you like.

I know that the first year or two is going to be difficult with regards to numbers of entries but that's fine, I need to start somewhere. So the annual MOM GB/Competition will kick off on 01 January 2014. I will be sending all members an e-mail outlining all the detail before the end on this year in order to garner some numbers and i will also be doing some recruiting for the site in general.

Rules and regs will be decided on as we go along but launch date will be 16 December 2013.

Annual MOM Group Build - new initiative MOMBanner_zpsd3a175e3Annual MOM Group Build - new initiative Tankterrorbanner_zps2d12967a
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Annual MOM Group Build - new initiative
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