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 Let me try to get my hand back in

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PostSubject: Let me try to get my hand back in   Mon Jul 28, 2014 3:06 am

It's been many years of one or two or three model completions a year.  Now, I have some 300 unbuilts and I'd like to get them done.  But one-a-month will take me some 25 years.  So I have to stop with too much research and aftermarket stuff and BUILD.

That having been said, I'm struggling through a Monogram 1/48 Tiger Shark, working towards a Flying Tiger Tomahawk.  Original mold from 1964 (a very good year) in a 1991 boxing.  Much work on ALL seams and a non-existent dihedral, but it's ready for paint.  My problem (for the last month) is, believe it or not, which mouth. Question 

I've looked at probably EVERY Flying Tiger and yes, there are nearly 100 different mouths.  The pictures I'm working from are too big to attach here, but lip colors, snarl shapes, eye positions, eye colors, tongue thicknesses, number of teeth... very frustrating when you have photographic reference.  So...

... it has become "Shut up and build, Ken."  And it's now very refreshing to just get down to business. Smile 

Finished product to follow.

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PostSubject: Re: Let me try to get my hand back in   Mon Jul 28, 2014 7:19 am

Howzit Ken
I think you might find that you are not alone in that respect. I know a lot of modellers that spend months on research and also produce one or two kits a year.
But I think you nailed it on the head... Less reading more building  Very Happy 


Ba na na, na na na na....

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Let me try to get my hand back in
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