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 Paints I use

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PostSubject: Paints I use   Thu Feb 07, 2013 4:14 pm

I have been asked on a few other forums what paint i use or prefer, this is what I use mostly now, for the ease of use/airbrush cleaning, the smell, and it's water based non toxic.

For these acrylics, I prime first with Tamiya Fine white (rattle can) then I always use Tamiya A/S 12 silver as a base, no paint lift has occurred using the acrylics on this base.

A bonus using the silver is if you rub off some paint while finishing your model accidentally, it looks very natural like a real metal panel, also you can carefully chip off the main paint colour for a better looking chipping affect, if you go too deep you can always use a thin brush with some decanted A/S12 to touch up, or even a close shade of silver paint to match.

Sometimes I just use the Tamiya A/S and T/S colours for my main painting but still always prime then A/S 12 before the main colours

For figures/IP work/detailing etc, Humbrol enamels.

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Paints I use
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