Model making with a South African persuasion

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 Very few rules here

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Very few rules here Empty
PostSubject: Very few rules here   Very few rules here Icon_minitimeMon Feb 04, 2013 6:39 am

Please don't be a prick.

If you ask for critique and it is given, accept it.

If you are asked for critique, then critique in a constructive manner.

Please have the good grace and sense to critique work that is at least of a lower quality than your own, what this means is don't tell somebody how to do something or how they could do it better, if you're not capable of as good or better work yourself.

If you have anything unfriendly that you would like to say to someone, do so off the board.

This is a model "MAKERS" forum, so before you criticize MAKE MODELS!

I, or the Mods will not prevent flame wars. If a flame war brews up, we will simply move it to the Bullshit Berties forum where the contestants can duke it out away from the rest of the grown-ups.

VERY IMPORTANT - This is a forum and as such we would like participation. We understand that life has a nasty habit of getting in the way of our fun but please don't sign up and then forget about us. Users who do not post anything for 12 months will be automatically deleted.


The only posting rule as such, is related to Pornography - we are not allowed to show, promote or discuss this.
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Very few rules here
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