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 Monogram 1/48 B-17G "Chowhound"

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PostSubject: Monogram 1/48 B-17G "Chowhound"   Thu Feb 14, 2013 4:52 pm

This one holds special place in my heart! this one got me back into modelling in my later years, I previously boxed it as I lost all confidence in my modelling.

I resumed it and glued it together with Ca glue, used a small personal fan blowing down the open fuselage nose to avoid any Ca fogging of the clear windows that were fitted, also was the days before I knew about gloss coating before decaling and Future under and over the decals - and final flatcoats.

First of my airbrush models, it was a very cheap very basic Revel single action siphon feed - quite amazing how it turned out - Humbrol enamels used

This is also my first diorama board - added True Details ammo belts and ring sights.

Over the years it has been added to, with figures, vehicles and whatever goes with the board.

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Monogram 1/48 B-17G "Chowhound"
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