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 Kork Ballington GB over on Britmodeller....

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PostSubject: Kork Ballington GB over on Britmodeller....   Thu Feb 14, 2013 6:49 pm

I'm involved in a Group Build for Motorbikes over on Britmodeller. I've chosen the Tamiya Kawasaki KR500 of Kork Ballington. I was given the kit part started along with the rider figure painted up as Wayne Gardner.

I started on the figure as it seemed the easiest part of the build and after sanding down the figure I added some height to his boots and the cuffs of his gloves, then recontoured the leathers. This wa done with strips of masking tape and Tamiya Surfaser Primer applied with a cocktail stick and brushed out with lacquer thinners.
I then modified his helmet by altering the padding in the front of the face openeing, using Miliput Epoxy Putty. I then made up a set of spectacles from some soft wire. The lenses, tinted were made from Future floor coating (thanks to Graham Roberts at GRSM) with the additon of Rooibos tea for the brownish tint. It worked very well once the misting had evaporated.
The figure was painted using artists acrylics.



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Kork Ballington GB over on Britmodeller....
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