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 Bare Metal Finish

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PostSubject: Bare Metal Finish   Bare Metal Finish Icon_minitimeMon Oct 26, 2015 11:06 am

Hi all, I have been asked to show how I do BMF's. I am not a guru by any means, my finishes are not outstanding as I have seen many modelers get far better results than me so think of this as a tutorial that will get you to a decent starting point from which to go on and achieve greater things.

I am not going to go into any detail about actual construction here other than to say that if your project is going to have an Alclad BMF finish, you need to take special care during construction. The reason being that any imperfections no matter how small, will show up with an Alclad finish. So having said that let us go to the start of my BMF tutorial. This is what my BMF looks like......

Bare Metal Finish IMG_0264_zpse4ddef31

I am busy with 4 Academy P47-N's at the moment so I will start by just giving you an idea of what has happened up to the point that I start preparing for painting.

Bare Metal Finish MOMBanner_zpsd3a175e3Bare Metal Finish Tankterrorbanner_zps2d12967a
Bare Metal Finish Cd777b78-412f-4ece-b3f3-ba9ff4267ef6_zps3b9e94f7
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Bare Metal Finish
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